“One Synth To Rule Them All”

[CHOP_031421] Chop Rules:

  • One week to work on it!
  • Chops and presets are due on MARCH 21st, Next Saturday!!
  • This week’s chop challenge is making ONE MINUTE of audio in your style using ONLY ONE SYNTHESIZER of your choice! That means if you’re making a full 1 minute track, you have to use that one synth to make all the sounds, including drums!!
  • Bonus Points:
    (1 vote):rocket: Post your finished audio here AND on your music social media accounts!
    (1 vote +1):muscle: No presets used! +1 more if you post the presets you created here along with your chop!

You will get the“One Synth To Rule Them All” Squad Achievement when you complete the Chop within the rules! 

The winner will be decided on the Squad Discord server, by squad member votes. The chop winner will decide all of the terms of the next Chop Challenge!

Votes will be a simple “best of show” with bonus points/votes for extra challenges and effort.