The itijik Collective is a community for music makers, producers, composers, sound designers, beat makers, instrumentalists, vocal artists, engineers, DJs and anyone else looking for good music and sounds, and maybe some music discussion and collab links. Join now for your invite link to the Collective’s Discord server. This is where all info, events and materials are organized!

We’re just starting out, but growing nicely. The offering and culture I would like to create in the Collective is: “Free Samples 🔊 and recordings, Free Tools 🛠 and presets, a community of Real People 👋  that offer ❤️ Creative Support, Production Tips 💎 and discussion, social media Promotion 🙌  and shout outs for top members/contributors, Challenges and Achievements 🏆 to sharpen your skills, and a lot more coming!”

The free samples and tools have already started, but the community growth and participation could use your help. Send this invite link to your friends that are doing creative work. Let them know what were doing over here! Thank you.


itijik Collective Membership