The Squad is made up of the closest members of the itijik Collective, seeking out more opportunities with itijik. We have started to form a FULL PRODUCTION SQUAD like no other, to maximize opportunities for everyone involved. Bring your best talents and we’ll team up to make some amazing sound, music and art together.

Currently we have itijik and Comakid providing samples each month as Squad Partners, but we encourage everyone that’s into recording and sound design to contribute to the library! Everyone always retains ownership and credit due here.

Our Engineering Partners in the Squad are Sam Thomas, Jon Madison and Sister Mary. When you need your song mixed and mastered these are the guys you call on. No matter what genre your project is focused on from lofi, hiphop, jazz, soul, rnb, pop, bass, drum n bass to experimental we can give your mixes more depth and help define your sound for the finished piece.

You can be part of the Squad by investing your creative vibe and money into it each month. Your investment money funds the Squad and it’s growth to it’s maximum of 1000 members. When you join, you get access to the growing Squad library and full license for profit, Professional mixes at the highest level, Real growth, Connection, More drive, Social media and personal promotion with any music you create, Online radio with revenue fed back to participants, Even splits on collabs (always!), Generous splits on future deals together.

Let’s take it to the next level! Join up.


itijik Squad Membership