Member Agreement for and the itijik Pro Club

Forum Rules

No abusive speech or behaviour towards other members or the squad partners. That’s a quick way to miss out on opportunities just by nature and will lead to suspension or ban from the club and forums. Squad partner’s and itijik will use their own discretion to come to these decisions.

This being said, we don’t expect to have many big issues here. Maintaining a thicker skin to be able to operate at a higher level will serve yourself and everyone around you. This is crucial especially with creative critique and opinions. Critique and opinions is a benefit of having a squad that you have an understanding of good intentions with. Remember we’re here to make great music and build our squad up. The stronger the squad, the more success for everyone involved.

Production Material and Submission Licensing

This agreement is between club members (“members”) and the itijik company (“itijik”). This agreement sets the terms, rights, restrictions and obligations on using all Production Materials (“Material”, “Samples”, “Tools”, “Stems”, “Presets”, “Project Files”) and Derivative Works (“Works”, “Chops”, “Tracks”) provided by itijik and submitted by members. 

Licensed Submissions for Club Operations:

Materials Submitted – itijik is granted full perpetual rights to use and distribute Materials submitted by members. This also grants itijik the right to re-license any submitted Materials, with the Production Material License terms listed below, to a maximum of 1000 members at any given time. Members retain ownership of Materials they create and submit. Only itijik and active members are licensed for use.  

Works Submitted – itijik is granted rights to use Works submitted by members for club use and member promotion. Other members are NOT given these same rights with Works. Submitted Works are NOT to be used as Materials by other members without permission. Members retain ownership of Works they create and submit. Only itijik is licensed for use.  

Production Material License

The Production Material License grants members non-exclusive rights to use material from the club library while they are active members. If members leave the club for any reason, they no longer have rights to use any club materials. Works using Materials that are created before exiting club membership is the only exception.

Members are allowed to:

  • Use the Materials in combination with other sounds in music productions (which may include soundtracks of films, video productions, radio/TV programs or commercials, computer games and multimedia presentations, library music), public performances, and other reasonable musical purposes within musical compositions.
  • Modify the Materials and may use the Materials for commercial purposes as part of a musical composition with other sounds.

Members are NOT allowed to:

  • Use the Materials in isolation as sound effects or as loops (i.e. a sequence of musical events) or any competitive products that are sold or re-licensed to multiple third parties.
  • Transfer licenses. Licenses are NOT transferable.
  • Re-sell, re-licensing or otherwise distribute the Materials, either as they exist or any modification thereof. Members cannot sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, upload or download to or from any server, or transfer all or any of the Materials to another user, or for use in any competitive product.

Liability For Submission Ownership

It is the responsibility of members to submit only royalty free material they own. Neither itijik or any other member will be liable for any damage, cost, expense or any other payment incurred by using Materials provided according to the terms of this Production Material License. If the ownership of Materials submitted are called into question, the submitting member accepts ALL responsibility for any monetary damage caused, including any court fees or any other costs associated with the resolution of the case. 

License Term Revisions 

itijik reserves the right to revise these agreements at any moment, without the liability of issuing any warning beforehand. itijik will notify members of any changes made. All license revision dates are listed below in the “Revisions” section.


The terms for these licenses shall be terminated if any of the above conditions are not met.


30 April 2020