Samples and Production Tools

WONDERLAND.ZIP is a collection of loops and ideas transplanted into .wav forms from @itijik. I filtered through 10 gigs of data and only remastered and recreated the ones that spoke to me. A little over 4 gig now using new techniques and special touches, taking my time to give each loop the style it deserved. Some of it is wild and loud, and some of it is gentle and quiet. Cinematic, thematic to ripping leads and doom glitch for a dope video game or film project. Did you find those pop songs in there? LOOP STEMS are organized for picking the best layers to fit your vibe and adding parts. The BONUS folder has some loops, samples, ambiance, and some FX.  Just pitch shift or time stretch some of the preview loops marked with [] brackets and hear the musical and sonic flexibility. _140 in the file name is bpm the loop was created at, but please experiment beyond this. Have fun with the samples!

Original Mushroom Girl art @maegs_art_

STATS: 58 full stem loops + complimenting samples (468 .wavs, 2.91 gigs) + BONUS samples, loops, FX (181 .wavs, 1.29 gigs)



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